April 29, 2021

We always need someone to blame.

Yes, we are in a grave situation and firstly we have to admit…

We are responsible.

Responsible for the spreading of COVID? Yes, every one of us, we have to own it, not pass the buck to our leaders, governments, even other countries.

In 2020, we had that excuse. It was new, unexpected but in 2021 not a very valid excuse. To land up in this situation, we were complacent, careless and we still are in a state of denial.

We had a year to learn, a year to prepare, a year to adjust, a year to thrive. But did not. We continue to look back, at the good times – the handshakes, the hugs, shopping in busy crowed markets, going to the gym, school, college, work, places of worship… visiting friends and family, weddings, festivals..the list is limitless. We miss all these moments that we took for granted, then. We never realised, what we had. We never valued. We wanted kids to go out and play, but they preferred to stay indoors. Now they long to go out. We would never learn to live in this moment. Not stop worrying about the future or regret our past.

We still take Mother Earth for granted. It is only a matter of time that we will regret what we do not have today. Yes, we will also miss this present which we so hate and complain about today.

Have you ever noticed that only human beings have been effected by this COVID. No other living creature, at least there is no evidence of it, yet. Or is that we are so engrossed in our own problems that we never bothered to notice if the virus affected any other species other than man. In fact, while we were forced to go back to our homes, nature thrived outside. We saw a new reenergised world around us. Nature seems to be loving and enjoying the crisis we face. The same kind of crisis that we have been gifting nature over the last few centuries. Overcrowding, industrialisation, deforestation, pollution, etc. etc.

Still, we have not changed. We are not ready to take the blame. We are still bickering, complaining, taking credit of things that we do not deserve. Our greed for power, money and position continues to make it even worse for us.

It’s similar to a company that is doing badly. Everyone starts passing the buck to save themselves but none to take the responsibility.  No one to own up the mistakes and try to correct it. No one to look at the bright side of things or to look for solutions without vested interest.

Every one of us is responsible for the crisis we are in. We did not wear masks or for that matter follow any of the guidelines that could protect us, keep us safe. We got lazy, irresponsible as we always do. Once things go wrong, we always look for someone to blame.

Will we ever learn?