India should adopt the right hand driving system

India currently follows the left hand drive. But I see so many people driving on the opposite side, it seems we should change.

On a serious note, I really don’t know why they do that. Is it because they don’t value their lives, just trying to save on time and fuel or these people just disregard the law or the confidence that they can get away by doing it. Well, they mostly do.

I see parents dropping their kids to the bus stop without helmets ride in the opposite direction of the traffic on their two wheeler or even large luxury SUVs doing the same. In the long run, these kids will do the same thing when they grow up, as they have seen their parents do it.

Unfortunately,  the occasional traffic enforcement cars of the Delhi Police passing by do not stop/discourage or fine them. I see this happening frequently on the ring road at the Mayapuri traffic light. People coming out of Rajouri Garden and going towards the Mayapuri Metro Station side. I am sure, there would be many other places where this would be happening. Surprisingly it is not very difficult to stop this. Random checks a few days of the week by fining these guys should stop this misadventure in the long run and discourage people.

I hope sanity prevails both at the public end and also some action is taken by the concerned authorities soon before a tragedy. #blog #traffic #delhi #sarcasm #driving