Cars are shedding weight and getting fitter!

Being efficient is a major reason why new technologies are fast adopted and the auto indutry is not far behind. In recent years, turbocharged engines have become a major part of the automotive landscape. As automakers look to increase fuel efficiency and improve emissions levels, many naturally aspirated V6 engines have been replaced by turbocharged 4cylinder engines. Although there are typically fuel-efficiency benefits tied to the use of turbocharged 4cylinder engines, it is not the only benefit. A smaller engine, which produces the same or more power without consuming more energy is not only good for customers in saving money, it is also responsible to the world around us.

The biggest benefit of utilizing a turbocharged 4cylinder engine is the ability to generate power comparable to a V6 with the efficiency of a 4-cylinder. Turbo-4 engines operate much like their naturally aspirated 4cylinder counterparts. While displacement remains the same, turbocharged engines have the ability to get a boost in power when it’s needed. So when you need to get your car up to highway speeds or are looking to overtake that oversized truck, the turbocharger pushes compressed air to the cylinders, making more room for fuel. That increase in fuel creates larger explosions in each cylinder, allowing you to access more power, all this on much lesser fuel consumption which means saving you money.

Off course, there is a niche segment which still prefers V6, V8, V12 engines to turbo charged cars. For the rest, lean is smart!