September 21, 2020

I am Positive.

The only way, we humans can survive this COVID pandemic is by saying “I am Positive”. Yes, this change in approach from self-preservation to community preservation could be the fastest way to stop this spread.
I am so selfish that I assume that the person next to me could be Positive. I have to save myself. But the approach needs to be more that ‘I am Positive’. Assume that each one of us is himself COVID positive. Take precautions to not infect people around us. This non-selfish approach could to be more effective in controlling the spread. The onus now changes to ‘me’ than ‘him’. I am positive, I will not mingle, I will not go out etc. This approach ensures that we are more careful of our own actions than others.

The world is turned upside down post COVID and there is a ‘new normal’. Nobody knows for certain what they should do and there is apprehension with regards to the future. We all had to leave our comfort zones, let go of things which were taken for granted, reset for what we can or no longer do. These changes would mean a new way of life, a new approach and new solutions.

While we human beings just don’t seem to learn from this tragedy, our restricted lives have had a positive impact on nature and all the beings around us. They seem to be flourishing in our absence. Maybe it is time to introspect, learn so that we do not continue on this destructive path that we have set for ourselves.

I read articles on how to change your strategy for business, how to do various things that may no longer be available tomorrow. Why don’t experts tell me how to think beyond our-self? To look beyond yourself. Will we be able to do it this time or do we have to wait for the next tragedy to hit us, or the next. And, we claim that we are the most intelligent creature created on this planet. Is that really so?