October 23, 2019

Clark Kent And Superman

Battery letting you down on your mobile?! Clark Kent & Superman came together for me.

How many times have you been in a crisis when the mobile device battery has died on you? And fearing this are you someone who keeps a charging wire in your car, at home and at work!

I have not faced this issue for the last two years, thanks to Clark Kent & Superman. If you are super active on social media and get a lot of emails and notification and have multiple groups on your WhatsApp like me, maybe you might like to take help from Clark Kent & Superman, which has helped me tide over this problem to a great extent.

While there are has been great advancements in the smartphone technology including, to improve the battery life of mobile devices, it has not been able to keep up with our social life and activities online thru the day, to say the least.

I carry Clark Kent & Superman everywhere with me with two distinct roles that they play to achieve this battery issue.

I keep my data and voice activities separate on two different mobile devices. Yes, I carry two devices around most of the time. (If you are not willing to do this, then I do have another solution which I will dwell upon at the end of this article).

Clark Kent (Mobile Voice) is the main mobile number or face to the world and used only for talking (call in & out). A small size mobile of 4-4.7 screen size should suffice. I would recommend that you have a smartphone as this makes it easier to manage your contacts. Sink all your contacts to one personal email, which you use regularly and the same email will be active on both devices to sync contacts. On Clark Kent, you keep the email disabled but the contacts sync is on. So any new contact you add to any mobile, it automatically gets added to the other one also. Clark Kent has no apps of any kind apart from basic functions as required. You might also choose not to buy any data packages for Clark, just connect to wifi network where available to update the contacts or the OS. This is the mobile number which is your primary contact number to be shared with everyone. The world recognizes this number as Clark Kent.

Superman (Data mobile) has only a data plan and has all your social media apps and emails including your whatsapp. You register your whatsapp with your Clark Kent number and not your Superman number. So everyone is only aware about Clark Kent while Superman remains a mystery. You never give out the details of Superman for your own safety and convenience.

Now the benefits;

  1. The battery never dies on me as the roles are divided and even if my Superman is low on battery, it is not essential. On the other hand, I don’t need to charge Clark Kent everyday.
  2. I like to keep my work & play worlds separate, as it is very convenient for me to focus on work when I work and on play, when I play.
  3. When I travel I can change the Superman to a local number and continue using the entire social mediums as well as WhatsApp on a much cheaper cost, while continuing to be connected.
  4. Now, if you feel the need, keep a dual sim device on your Clark Kent or your Superman for added benefits.
  5. Keep your Superman on Pre-paid and Clark on Postpaid to get the best rates and also to have flexibility to add more data packages as required. This also means, you have control on how much you spend on data.
  6. This also means in an emergency, you can also use your Superman to make a call and you are never stranded.
  7. Like me, maybe you can use android phone for Clark and Apple for Superman or as you are comfortable.

Now there might be some who do not want to carry both Clark & Superman. In that scenario, some service providers give you an option of dual sims. These are two sim cards for the same number. So, keep the 2nd sim in your bag fully charged and if your 1st phone dies, start using the 2nd one with the same number. The only problem with this is most of the emails/messages/notifications might not be available to you as your 1st phone is dead. Also, this might also mean having to keep a bigger voice and data package due to possible duplication.

Clark & Superman combo has worked for me! Maybe you would like to try Bruce & Batman or Shostakova & Black Widow, there are many superheroes to choose from.