We always need someone to blame.

Yes, we are in a grave situation and firstly we have to admit…

We are responsible.

Responsible for the spreading of COVID? Yes, every one of us, we have to own it, not pass the buck to our leaders, governments, even other countries.

In 2020, we had that excuse. It was new, unexpected but in 2021 not a very valid excuse. To land up in this situation, we were complacent, careless and we still are in a state of denial.

We had a year to learn, a year to prepare, a year to adjust, a year to thrive. But did not. We continue to look back, at the good times – the handshakes, the hugs, shopping in busy crowed markets, going to the gym, school, college, work, places of worship… visiting friends and family, weddings, festivals..the list is limitless. We miss all these moments that we took for granted, then. We never realised, what we had. We never valued. We wanted kids to go out and play, but they preferred to stay indoors. Now they long to go out. We would never learn to live in this moment. Not stop worrying about the future or regret our past.

We still take Mother Earth for granted. It is only a matter of time that we will regret what we do not have today. Yes, we will also miss this present which we so hate and complain about today.

Have you ever noticed that only human beings have been effected by this COVID. No other living creature, at least there is no evidence of it, yet. Or is that we are so engrossed in our own problems that we never bothered to notice if the virus affected any other species other than man. In fact, while we were forced to go back to our homes, nature thrived outside. We saw a new reenergised world around us. Nature seems to be loving and enjoying the crisis we face. The same kind of crisis that we have been gifting nature over the last few centuries. Overcrowding, industrialisation, deforestation, pollution, etc. etc.

Still, we have not changed. We are not ready to take the blame. We are still bickering, complaining, taking credit of things that we do not deserve. Our greed for power, money and position continues to make it even worse for us.

It’s similar to a company that is doing badly. Everyone starts passing the buck to save themselves but none to take the responsibility.  No one to own up the mistakes and try to correct it. No one to look at the bright side of things or to look for solutions without vested interest.

Every one of us is responsible for the crisis we are in. We did not wear masks or for that matter follow any of the guidelines that could protect us, keep us safe. We got lazy, irresponsible as we always do. Once things go wrong, we always look for someone to blame.

Will we ever learn?

I am Positive.

The only way, we humans can survive this COVID pandemic is by saying “I am Positive”. Yes, this change in approach from self-preservation to community preservation could be the fastest way to stop this spread.
I am so selfish that I assume that the person next to me could be Positive. I have to save myself. But the approach needs to be more that ‘I am Positive’. Assume that each one of us is himself COVID positive. Take precautions to not infect people around us. This non-selfish approach could to be more effective in controlling the spread. The onus now changes to ‘me’ than ‘him’. I am positive, I will not mingle, I will not go out etc. This approach ensures that we are more careful of our own actions than others.

The world is turned upside down post COVID and there is a ‘new normal’. Nobody knows for certain what they should do and there is apprehension with regards to the future. We all had to leave our comfort zones, let go of things which were taken for granted, reset for what we can or no longer do. These changes would mean a new way of life, a new approach and new solutions.

While we human beings just don’t seem to learn from this tragedy, our restricted lives have had a positive impact on nature and all the beings around us. They seem to be flourishing in our absence. Maybe it is time to introspect, learn so that we do not continue on this destructive path that we have set for ourselves.

I read articles on how to change your strategy for business, how to do various things that may no longer be available tomorrow. Why don’t experts tell me how to think beyond our-self? To look beyond yourself. Will we be able to do it this time or do we have to wait for the next tragedy to hit us, or the next. And, we claim that we are the most intelligent creature created on this planet. Is that really so?





Look beyond the media noise in India.

I stopped my Satellite TV subscription over an year back as I could not take any more of the endless discussions with no closure. For a common man like me, it baffles me to no end why these experts do not get it. Is this just posturing to meet their own selfish political ends or is just an occupation. Are these topics really very complicated and am I wrong in trying to over-simplify these issues? What is happening around us? Is this true or just a narrative that suits some people. Is the common man even aware of what is really happening?


Where did the jobs vanish?

“I had 4 factories in Delhi NCR and post demonetization followed by GST, I shut down 3 of these.  I could no longer hide these from the authorities and not pay taxes” This is just one of the businessmen in Delhi who revealed. There may be many who took similar decisions. One would not close an established business unless they do not have any other recourse. This could have been the reason why suddenly a lot of blue-collar workers lost jobs and had to leave the cities.

I also came to know that companies who have been paying their employees in cash could no longer do so and since they had to account the cash flow. These companies had to eventually hire a workforce company to get their work done and formalize their dealings.

Eventually, these steps would lead in formalizing the unorganized sectors and to a great extent also increase the tax revenue for the state and center.


Aadhaar and the human rights violation!

When I moved to Oman, 12 years back in search of work, the first thing that I needed to get after the VISA stamp on my passport was the resident card. This involved me to submit my fingerprints and other details to the authorities and eventually a Resident Card (earlier called as Labor Card) was issued. This card was the only point of reference of my legal existence in Oman. This card was needed to open a bank account, buy a mobile sim or remit money back to India.

The Aadhaar card in India seemed to be on the same lines. But there was a lot of opposition, at least in media, towards implementation. One of the primary objections seems to be privacy. It comes to me as a surprise that a majority of people who are objecting might have a smart phone which is fingerprint enabled, now even face recognizable security is also available. These people are also active in social media, have uploaded personal pictures and also tweet day-to-day activities. What kind of privacy are they protecting? Or is this just an issue of choice?

It is also possible that these oppositions are more from citizens who have something to hide, black money, property ownership, unaccounted business etc.

I know that with the Aadhaar, the government will be able to focus, channelize and also save a lot of money in their social activities towards the actual needy.


Black & White Economy;

This is no secret that the black economy in India was big and some might even argue that it is bigger than the formal/white one. We do believe this to be true. This is most apparent when you go shopping for property. Not many people can own a property from the secondary market due to the black component being 50-70% of the price. And it is very easy for property dealers and people with money to invest 10% booking amount in white and bring the property into the secondary market. Then you have more buyers willing to pay you a higher price especially in black money. Needless to say, this means no taxes and a revenue loss for the government.

But what confuses me is why are these experts and media people are continuously discussing and still not able to identify the obvious? Are they really unaware?

Has the mainline media lost its relevance and credibility? Can we believe what we hear and see, anymore? All seems like a huge PR campaign run by one side or the other. A campaign where truth no longer prevails.

Cars are shedding weight and getting fitter!

Being efficient is a major reason why new technologies are fast adopted and the auto indutry is not far behind. In recent years, turbocharged engines have become a major part of the automotive landscape. As automakers look to increase fuel efficiency and improve emissions levels, many naturally aspirated V6 engines have been replaced by turbocharged 4cylinder engines. Although there are typically fuel-efficiency benefits tied to the use of turbocharged 4cylinder engines, it is not the only benefit. A smaller engine, which produces the same or more power without consuming more energy is not only good for customers in saving money, it is also responsible to the world around us.

The biggest benefit of utilizing a turbocharged 4cylinder engine is the ability to generate power comparable to a V6 with the efficiency of a 4-cylinder. Turbo-4 engines operate much like their naturally aspirated 4cylinder counterparts. While displacement remains the same, turbocharged engines have the ability to get a boost in power when it’s needed. So when you need to get your car up to highway speeds or are looking to overtake that oversized truck, the turbocharger pushes compressed air to the cylinders, making more room for fuel. That increase in fuel creates larger explosions in each cylinder, allowing you to access more power, all this on much lesser fuel consumption which means saving you money.

Off course, there is a niche segment which still prefers V6, V8, V12 engines to turbo charged cars. For the rest, lean is smart!

Why did the Indian auto industry take a reverse drive!

The auto industry in India is looking to pass the blame for the drop in the industry to someone other than themselves. They say it is the government policy, infrastructure, taxes and the list goes on. This might be far from the actual truth.

Indian auto industry needs to just look at the rear view mirror and they might see that this was expected long time back.

They took the customers for granted. The same mistakes that big global brands like NOKIA, SONY, CASIO etc. made in the past, to not understand the changing trends and customer behavior made them go out of business. While it is true that there are a few other external factors which would have contributed to this decline but primarily, I feel it was their own fault.

Crossover segment has been rapidly growing and customer preference for this kind of vehicle is evident from the fact that the some of the current new launches was over booked. Even the market leader’s crossover variants have done well. It’s the sedan segment which has been badly hit, isn’t that correct? My blog https://dilsaay.com/index.php/2018/02/22/innovation-vs-disruption/ which I published in Feb 2018, talked about this change in customer preference.

How many cars in India have a 5 Star Safety rating from NCAP or any established body? You might be surprised that in spite of really high prices for basic cars, these safety norms have not been secured. The Industry might say that they follow all the government norms, but is that a valid reason for brands to forget about the safety of their customers?

The cost of some of these basic cars are just ridiculous, in spite of these being built locally? How long can brands justify the increase in price which is largely due to their own mistakes and inefficiencies.

The traffic chaos, better public transport options like Metro trains and disruptions like Uber have changed the customers, especially the younger generation to switch to these alternatives, which are cheaper and stress free. Youngsters are saying that they do not want to buy a car anymore. Parking issues at home and at work, long traffic jams, expensive maintenance, high fuel charges, the list goes on as reasons to not buy a car. More and more companies today allow their employees to work from home. This has also contributed to this drop in purchase of vehicles.

Change in policies contributed to this change. Heavy traffic fines, Bharat 3 to Bharat 4 pollution policy, confusion on the EV technology and its implementation.

Lastly, the drop in black money has been also a factor, the details of bigger spends have to be declared to the Government. The parallel economy has shrunk and the car industry was also hit like some other industries like real estate. The financial institutions have also tightened their credit policies with increasing delinquency rates and in a market which has over 90% cars bought on loans, it surely was a contributor.

I think, the Indian auto industry needs to relook at its large capacity production of outdated small sedan cars, offer customers new, smart, safe vehicles that reflect their personality as well as justify the value of their hard earned money. Keep a stab on the changing customer behavior and be ahead of the trends. Its only a matter of time that the auto industry will revive.

Biggest disruption to the auto industry is not electric, at least not yet!

Everyone is talking about electric cars and how it will change the face of the auto industry in the near future. This new approach led by Tesla will revolutionize the way we look at automobiles & change transportation and buying patterns beyond our imagination. This is expected to be quickly followed by all the auto industry giants, promising their electric products to be available for purchase as early as 2020 and later.

This disruption will surely happen sometime in the future, this is still a niche and will take some time to impact us all. Not only does this need the electric cars, it also needs the required infrastructure to support apart from more innovation and mass production of lighter more powerful batteries and other components. This infrastructure readiness may take some time to start affecting the lives of the people driving around in their fossil fuel run vehicles.

But a change that has creped in slowly without a lot of us realizing is the preference of the type of cars being bought. This disruption is the increased demand for Crossovers. A fall in demand for traditional sedans and hard core SUV and increased preference for Crossovers has seen the manufacturers introduce more crossover variants across their range. Be it luxury brands that were traditionally famous for manufacturing sedans like Jaguar, Bentley & Maserati or brands that only had large SUVs like Land Rover have actively started producing/introducing crossovers like Evoque to meet this change in demand. Even the mass brands have seen a increased variants of small, mid range crossovers.

Available in all sizes; small, mid and large across brands, these crossovers have captured the imagination of customers. All auto critics and experts have traditionally preferred a sedan to SUVs for various reasons; better control, comfort, weight to power ratio and most importantly fuel efficiency. But this trend seems to be changing and changing fast. Be it the American, Japanese, Korean or Chinese car manufacturers, everyone has a wider choice of crossovers and in some cases more than their sedan range.

If you wonder why this trends seem to be picking up in spite of fuel efficiency and parking convenience, then the one reason that I can think of which captures this trend is that these crossovers provide the “best of both world” experience. More security, or at least that’s the perception, comfort of a sedan but the high seating position, more space of a SUV. Perceived elevation in status due to the aspiration to own a SUV as well as an adventurous and off-roading, rough & tough kind of an image.  While these emotional reasons are met, it also satisfies the rational one looking for fuel efficient, comfortable interiors and loaded features, safety as well as a good city drive and occasional off-roader.

Some of the popular crossovers include the Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-trail, Mazda CX-5 & CX-3 Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, KIA Sorrento, Geely X7 SPORT etc. to name a few though the list is much longer. Even the Luxury brands have a huge list like the Jaguar F-PACE, extended Lexus RX series, Merc ML series, BMW X series etc.

So, have you been hit by this crossover trend, too? Do share your views on why you bought a crossover and which one?

Biggest disruption to the auto industry is not electric, at least not yet.

All Wheel Drive And 4 Wheel drive

What is All Wheel Drive and how is it different from 4 Wheel Drive?

With cars getting smarter, not only have they shed weight, they have become more efficient without losing power, they also have added some amazing new technologies which are not so talked about, at least not as much as they should be, which has led to some confusion with people. I will try to dwell on one such topic.

What are the difference between All Wheel Drive (AWD), Two Wheel Drive (TWD) and 4 Wheel drive (4WD). Without going into the technical aspects of these, which might sound gibberish for quite a few like me, this is a simple benefit led explanation attempted here.

Two Wheel Drive (2WD) – This is the common drive that majority of the sedans & compact crossovers have. These could be rear wheel drive or front wheel drive where the power from the engine is delivered only to either the front wheels or the rear wheels as the case may be. The other two wheels have no traction of their own. 2WDs are usually driven within the city on ‘black tops’. These provide good efficiency as only two wheels are powered. These can have small engine size starting under 1-liter engines as well as fuel guzzlers.

4 Wheel drive (4WD) – also known as the 4×4 vehicles, these are usually found in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) which are used of off road driving where all the four wheel are delivered with power and hence if you experience a terrain where the grip is not available, all the four wheels provide traction to overcome the situation. I would like to further segment these into two kinds; the hardcore 4x4s & the SUVs. 4x4s like the Landcruiser, Patrol, Pajero & certain Jeep variants to name a few, can be driven into almost any kind of terrain and the SUVs which might have a 4×4 drive but not enough power & ground clearance needed to go on an off-road adventure. Of course the driver skills are critical to maneuver on these terrains apart from the machine itself. You might have the best 4×4 but that does not mean you can scale any terrain if devoid of driving skills. I have seen drivers who with a passenger van, take on some serious off-roading without the vehicle having any 4×4 capabilities. e.g. The vans used for Animal Safaris in Kenya which have very small modifications to their axel and shock absorbers. 4x4s are low on efficiency and usually have large engines to carry the heavy weight of the cars as well as to have enough power to conquer off-road terrains. In the case of some 4x4s, there are levers or switches to move from 4×2 to 4×4, which has to be manually engaged or dis-engaged.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) – This is an interesting technology given that it is the most intelligent of the three. It becomes a 2WD when driving on city roads and automatically changes to 4WD when the terrain changes. Power is provided to all the 4 wheels individually, which means the onboard chip decides when to release more power to which wheel depending upon the traction required. There are no switches or levers. The AWD is permanently engaged and this leaves a confusion that this may result in lower fuel efficiency, which is not true.

Some of the top luxury and niche brand use this technology, which provides superior drive and control to the car. Audi, Subaru, Mazda, are some of the brands that use this technology and it is more preferred on crossover vehicles due to its adaptability. These are more fuel-efficient without compromising on the traction required when needed. In fact Subaru range of cars across their sedans as well as crossovers have AWD along with the unique Boxer engine, which contributes to its drive control. (more on Boxer at a later stage).

The Crossover segment is slowly expanding its wings and range from small, mid and big crossovers that give the driving feel of a SUV (the ease of getting in & out, higher stance) and also the comfort of a sedan. This segment is the fastest growing one and the Big, bulky 4x4s are contracting globally except some markets like the Middle East where fuel is still not very expensive. The crossover segment is also expected to spread its wing towards the sedan side and convert a few.

Clark Kent And Superman

Battery letting you down on your mobile?! Clark Kent & Superman came together for me.

How many times have you been in a crisis when the mobile device battery has died on you? And fearing this are you someone who keeps a charging wire in your car, at home and at work!

I have not faced this issue for the last two years, thanks to Clark Kent & Superman. If you are super active on social media and get a lot of emails and notification and have multiple groups on your WhatsApp like me, maybe you might like to take help from Clark Kent & Superman, which has helped me tide over this problem to a great extent.

While there are has been great advancements in the smartphone technology including, to improve the battery life of mobile devices, it has not been able to keep up with our social life and activities online thru the day, to say the least.

I carry Clark Kent & Superman everywhere with me with two distinct roles that they play to achieve this battery issue.

I keep my data and voice activities separate on two different mobile devices. Yes, I carry two devices around most of the time. (If you are not willing to do this, then I do have another solution which I will dwell upon at the end of this article).

Clark Kent (Mobile Voice) is the main mobile number or face to the world and used only for talking (call in & out). A small size mobile of 4-4.7 screen size should suffice. I would recommend that you have a smartphone as this makes it easier to manage your contacts. Sink all your contacts to one personal email, which you use regularly and the same email will be active on both devices to sync contacts. On Clark Kent, you keep the email disabled but the contacts sync is on. So any new contact you add to any mobile, it automatically gets added to the other one also. Clark Kent has no apps of any kind apart from basic functions as required. You might also choose not to buy any data packages for Clark, just connect to wifi network where available to update the contacts or the OS. This is the mobile number which is your primary contact number to be shared with everyone. The world recognizes this number as Clark Kent.

Superman (Data mobile) has only a data plan and has all your social media apps and emails including your whatsapp. You register your whatsapp with your Clark Kent number and not your Superman number. So everyone is only aware about Clark Kent while Superman remains a mystery. You never give out the details of Superman for your own safety and convenience.

Now the benefits;

  1. The battery never dies on me as the roles are divided and even if my Superman is low on battery, it is not essential. On the other hand, I don’t need to charge Clark Kent everyday.
  2. I like to keep my work & play worlds separate, as it is very convenient for me to focus on work when I work and on play, when I play.
  3. When I travel I can change the Superman to a local number and continue using the entire social mediums as well as WhatsApp on a much cheaper cost, while continuing to be connected.
  4. Now, if you feel the need, keep a dual sim device on your Clark Kent or your Superman for added benefits.
  5. Keep your Superman on Pre-paid and Clark on Postpaid to get the best rates and also to have flexibility to add more data packages as required. This also means, you have control on how much you spend on data.
  6. This also means in an emergency, you can also use your Superman to make a call and you are never stranded.
  7. Like me, maybe you can use android phone for Clark and Apple for Superman or as you are comfortable.

Now there might be some who do not want to carry both Clark & Superman. In that scenario, some service providers give you an option of dual sims. These are two sim cards for the same number. So, keep the 2nd sim in your bag fully charged and if your 1st phone dies, start using the 2nd one with the same number. The only problem with this is most of the emails/messages/notifications might not be available to you as your 1st phone is dead. Also, this might also mean having to keep a bigger voice and data package due to possible duplication.

Clark & Superman combo has worked for me! Maybe you would like to try Bruce & Batman or Shostakova & Black Widow, there are many superheroes to choose from.

Olympics Startup

India needs an Olympics Startup.

Finally one more Olympics reaches its finale. Apart from some really spirited individual effort, which won us two medals, it was largely a disappointing run for a country with more than 1.5 billion, which sent a sizable 119-member team. With not even a single gold, India held a disappointing 87th position.

A lot has been written, seen and discussed about it and hence, this is an attempt at looking at the possibilities of improving on this by learning from our mistakes without blame games.

Assuming that nobody wants to lose, our sportsmen and women are surely trying their best. Then what is the reason for not being able to leave a mark at the Olympics; the mecca of sports? It is not that we do not have the talent. It also has nothing to do with physical or mental inabilities, as has been suggested by some. Neither is it because of our overwhelming interest for cricket. If that was the case, then we would not have names like Milkha Singh, PT Usha and a lot of other sports stars who have made India proud in the past.

I personally feel that a Startup approach is required in our country to kick-start a ‘Sports Revolution’. There are changes required at all levels of the process.

Starting from the top, politicians and politics should be kept away from sports at all levels. Deserving senior sportsmen should be given this responsibility starting from being a Minister, selection panel, training as well as administration. This will also ensure that sports is looked as a career also when you are not in active sports, which ensures a livelihood with dignity.

Infrastructure starting from the village level to the national level needs to be planned and implemented. Maybe start with 10 most popular games and then expand. This will also ensure employment at all levels. This could be a government and corporate partnership. Investment in the latest technology and techniques should be adopted, trainers trained adequately to not just identify talent but to develop the talent to achieve their true potential.

Selection process to start in schools to identify the right talent. Make sports at par with studies, which also gives schools fame and recognition when a sports talent is identified. Reward the students with scholarships for higher studies to ensure this acts as an incentive for the parents to also support this cause.

Incentives for parents to see a career in sports for the deserving kids are necessary. Be it sports scholarships for the deserving in colleges and higher studies or creating opportunities for them in the corporate world after their retirement is also critical.

When parents say, ‘study and if you have time, you can play’, is said because the parent doesn’t see a future for their kids, which needs to change.

Even if you have a personal interest, talent or money to take up any sport, it is not easy to get thru the nepotism at the different selection levels at the district, state or for that matter national level, which is one big hurdle to get the right talent.

State, National level games to be conducted and a selection committee comprising of senior sports personalities and corporate representatives to identify talent would also go a long way.

We all agree that the personalities who have made it to the National level have done so with no or hardly any facilities. While the government provides many things, it never reaches the sportsperson. A proper check and balance is required to ensure the efficiency.

Regular exposure to competitions at national & International should be facilitated. Create local sports heroes at all levels so that media makes them famous.

These will not be achieved in a short span of time but this startup approach will surely help us get there in good shape. If we can implement these to start with and help make Sports a career opportunity, we might see a sizeable difference in the performance of our country at all future sports events and especially the Olympics.

Start up

The Start Up culture continues to grow as the younger generation prefers to be their own boss. As they move forward, quite a few of them may realise the amount of mental and physical stress that they might have to endure not just for ideating on what solution they should offer to the customers but also, funds to sustain, how to run the set up, financial planning as well as sustaining and following a certain discipline to run these businesses. Once these internal struggles are met, they also need to take stock of external factors like competition, government policies while maintaining the business development activities etc.

If anyone thought that a Start Up is going to be easy, that would be their first step towards failure. While it may not seem so, but trust me working as an employee is much easier. When you do a SWOT analysis of a Start up, you realise that some of the threats like collections from the client in any market is never going to be easy. Usually, 90-120 days is an average credit period. While it may not seem like a big thing initially, finding good partners, managing a team, having a fixed cost, every day and every month end trying to see how to beat that benchmark cost figure and getting into a profit is not easy. If you add the credit period to this long list, you will also need to arrange for the working capital and maybe need to invest more to sustain in the absence of money flow from your clients/creditors for 3-6 months to say the least. Its almost like the feeling I used to get when I thought of investing in a house for myself and the EMI at the start of the month was a nightmare. What if I lose my job, what if something goes wrong.

I know some Superheroes, call them so, since these guys had the courage to take the leap, to start their own venture while they were doing well in established global companies. I asked them, what made them take that step, what motivated them and also what challenges were they expecting and did they actually face those or faced some entirely new demons on the way?

Ex-colleagues of mine, Deepak & Bhuwan, who left a comfortable job with a global ad agency and started ‘ColourBars’ a film production company. Deepak, one of the partners had this to say; “When one is young, you are filled with such tremendous energy and enthusiasm to explore new opportunities, discover innovative ideas and solutions to execute your plans! Perhaps that was what prompted me to quit and start on my own along with Bhuwanji who had much more experience than me! The most inspiring experience at ColourBars was working for such a diversified clientele including various agencies and corporates at the same time. It was so much fun and a learning experience for both of us !! Even today when we are not able to find much work, we never regret the decision we took some 15 years back, we still have the hunger to go for the kill despite going through some tough professional challenges in the market.”……. “Mainly resources… at times, financial – like when you want to execute a big project which requires capital and mostly human resources- good editors, technical crew to create an awesome output for the client. And yes one requires a lot of marketing efforts to sustain in the industry, which has always been a never ending challenge.”

I am sure you would also know some of these Superheroes from your past or present life. Salute them, as it is not easy to invest in your START UP. I salute ColourBars and ‘Deewan’ (DEEpak bhuWAN), as I call them with immense Pride.

With over 19 years of experience in advertising & marketing communication and having been involved with many global & local brands across different segments, I have put in 12-18 hours of work on a daily basis for many years before life became a bit comfortable. I still consider myself a lazy human being, who can never become The Superherol. I did not have it in me to start my own firm in my initial years and as time flies, it seems more and more difficult.

If you are someone like me, I have a middle path.

I started writing on topics based on my interests and passion in one professional digital platform which was meant for executives and was a formal set up for the online world. But when sometimes you have a topic that is from your heart, that digital platform was not the place you could share. After many restless nights, I finally decided to start DILSAAY.

DILSAAY in Hinglish, is a Heart2Heart emotional rendering on things that I feel strongly about. An emotional approach to unemotional and emotional topics, you might say. It’s just a start and while I continue to do my day job, the nights will be dedicated to my DILSAAY.
My passions include, food, travel, music, movies, politics, cars and gadgets. That’s a long list, which I will tread into slowly.

Now isn’t that something like a real Superhero. Common man by the day and vigilante by the night. This gives me the opportunity to talk about experiences, emotionally without losing the perspective.

I hope you will like some of my thoughts on dilsaay, if not all. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to make this a better experience for all.